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Career Confusion – The Challenge

Career confusion is all over and it actually gets difficult to choose the right career option from the humongous list that is put in front. Students and Professionals today are conscious about career decisions. The most dangerous thing in this situation is to blindly follow what others are doing!! Seriously, you will end up nowhere. If this relates to you, don’t worry, you are not alone!

The Right Career Choice

In fact, your career choice should be based on the multiple facets of your character. What if there is a tool that helps you get rid of all the confusion and helps choosing the right path for your future career? Yes, if we integrate factors such as your aptitude, personality traits, habits, interests and performance record, we can then make an informed decision about our careers. Based on the combination of all the above elements, an individual student or professional can take an informed career decision to improve chances of success.

Talent Crafters Career Assessment Test

Talent Crafters Career Assessment Test is a proven way to identify inherent strengths, weaknesses and other characteristics. It helps identify higher education options for those who would like to take charge of their careers. It also helps professionals select the right kind of job/business areas in which they are most likely to excel. This Career Assessment Test includes components such as interest levels, personality traits, professional acumen, language skills, logic and reasoning levels. At the end of the test, participants are given a comprehensive report which provides a holistic and all round understanding of participants' overall personality, strengths and weaknesses and suggests the right career direction.

Ready to Discover Your Potential??

Numerous students and professionals have taken advantage of the Talent Crafters Career Assessment Test and have discovered their true potential. It is an essential tool for every student and professional standing at an important juncture of their career. If you are serious about your career, then this Career Assessment Test will be helpful in preparing for a brighter future. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take the test now!

Benefits and Pricing

All the test participants will receive a comprehensive report including details of strengths and weaknesses. Your report will also include detailed explanation of personality traits, interests & skills and aptitude levels. In addition, the report will have suggestions to improve your performance and also most suitable career options where you are likely to succeed. Please see below details for registrations and fees.

Registrations fees for the online career assessment test is Rs. 950/- that can be paid online/offline.

You can also book your counselling session for Rs. 1950/-.

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