Career Counseling

We understand that in most cases, participants will require support in analyzing the report in detail and chalk out a future plan of action. Our counseling team will be happy to have a detailed discussion with you to make you understand every single component of your report. During counseling, you will also be able to design a career path that will lead you to success.

Skill Enhancement Workshops (SEWs)

Your report suggests the areas where you need improvements. TalentCrafters offers range of workshops and training programs to help you build a strong foundation for your future career. Our Skill Enhancement Workshops are based on Experiential Learning Model with objectives of improving specific skill-set of participants. These workshops are conducted by expert facilitators and trainers. We have a specific skill enhancement workshop designed to improve your weaknesses.

Institutional Partnership

We thoroughly analyze the reports of each individual student and prepare workshops which are customized to cater to their specific needs. These Skill Enhancement Workshops are delivered on campus. In Addition, we partner with educational institutions to provide specific skill related workshops and training programs in the areas of skill development, self development, leadership, career counselling and much more. These programs are delivered on-campus or off-campus and delivered by high calibre facilitators.

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